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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

Captain Underpants Top 4 Selection Junior Animation - MOA Awards

This entry into the MOA awards made the top 4 in the competition. Well done for all your amazing effort Ryan and Wilson.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

ANZAC Day - MOA award entry

Here is a wonderful entry from some Year 3 students in our Room. This is an amazing video!
Well done to Quinn, McKenna, Sophie, Jayden and Ben.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Student of the Week - Jackson

Jackson is a fantastic student! He works hard all the time in every subject and gives 100%! Awesome stuff and keep it up Jackson!

Kaponga Athletics does well in Hawera!

Well done to Zoey and Sophie who participated in Hawera Interclub/ribbon day, great to see you come away with a heap of ribbons! Well done girls who represent Kaponga Athletics Club!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Best Music Video - Farmer Style

This is an entry in the MOA awards for the Junior Music Video. Well done to Ben, Connor and Quinn.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Speech and Drama and Music Recital

Last weekend I had the special privilege of been invited to both the end of year Speech and Drama celebration and then the Music Recital for our students. Of course, my children were involved! Here are four videos of the wonderful things I saw.

Ivanah - The Enchanted Forest

Regan - I'm on my way

Ivanah - Wishing Well

Keifer & Jonte - The Eye of the Tiger

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Study Ladder Champions in Room 5

 Room 5 have been working hard on their reading activities in Study Ladder over the past 5 weeks. Here is a photo of all the champions that have received certificates for their amazing work!

What a handsome lot. You make me so proud!
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Sumobot Challenge against Opunake Primary

Today we challenged Opunake Primary to a Sumobot Competition. Our team involved many dedicated students who came to after school sessions for a whole term and many lunchtimes this term to perfect their bots. The day was a first for both of our schools and turned out really successful with Auroa School taking the winning prize.

Placings were:
1st Place - Auroa Jayden and Zayden with bot Phoenix
2nd Place - Opunake 2 Jayden and Dylan
3rd Place - Auroa Quade and Astin with bot Inferno
4th Place - Auroa Jackson and Fergus with Lumsden

Well done to all the competitors, the visitors, parents and all the students watching and encouraging the competitors.

Thanks to Jayden from Room 3 for this movie of highlights.

Auroa School Lumsden 4th

Auroa School Inferno 3rd

Auroa School Sonic

Auroa School Bubba J

Auroa School Phoenix 1st

Auroa School Cletus

 Auroa School Spotnik

Auroa School Wall-E

Thanks to Mackenna from Room 3 for these highlights.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Student of the week - Ben

Room 5's Student of the week is Ben. With Room 5's self-directed learning programmes in reading, writing and maths, Ben has taken charge of his own learning by taking the initiative in identifying his learning needs, using resources for learning, and choosing appropriate learning strategies to best take advantage of how he learns best with the assistance of Mrs Ericsson.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weekly Quiz

1. Who took out the Supreme Award for the MOA Kluster Awards last night?
Kaiah and Durann for the 'Bum Race' from AUROA!!!!

2. Name three towns in New Zealand that begin with W?
Whanganui, Waitara, Waverley, Warkworth, Wanaka, Whakatane, Waipawa, Waipakurau, Woodville, 

3. What is the name of New Zealand's largest lake?
Lake Taupo

4. How tall is Mount Taranaki?
2518 metres tall

5. How many days in a year?

6. What Season comes after Autumn?

7. How many words can you make from the letters in the word, 'fantastic'?
fan, act, ant, tic, sit, fit, as, can, sat, cat, fanta, is, an, at, fist, tin, 

8. Who is the Prime Minister of New Zealand?
John Key

9. What is the largest City in the South Island?

10. Name the main island at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand?
Stewart Island

Well done to...Ben, Persaeus, Regan, Caris, Paimarire, Sophie, Zoey, Hayley, Ellazae, Georgia, Connor who attempted all of the questions this week.

2015 MOA Awards

Wow! What an amazing night! 

We have such an amazing community of digital artists that are absolutely outstanding! 

Kaponga, Auroa, Matapu and Opunake Schools showcased their creative juices last night with Auroa taking out the big Supreme award. A fantastic night that kicked off with a Star Wars them. Classic cars drove finalists to the venue and I had the amazing opportunity and privilege to drive a bright green V8 Ford Mustang 302 BOSS, left hand drive, to the venue! Thank you to that person for allowing me to drive such an amazing car!

The teachers and students from all the schools have done an outstanding job. The digital work is some of the best in the country! 

Check out the photos.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Go the All Blacks - BLACK OUT!

Today at school, the school council put on a fundraiser for our new covered in sandpit by having a dress up black- out day! 

We all came to school wearing black to represent out support for the All Blacks. 

These are the winning costumes.

What a fabulous day!

Student of the week -Tyrese

For working hard to finish all his work and doing exceptional maths.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Student of the week Regan

Well done to Regan who is an awesome classmate. She works with anyone, happy to help anyone, and still gets all her work done to a high standard. This week the award goes to Regan for working well with others and listening thoughtfully and respectfully. You don't realise how many of your peers you have affected in a positive way!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekly Quiz Week 4

1. What was the difference in the Rugby World Cup Final scores?

2. Name 5 New Zealand town names that begin with T?
Taupo, Te Kuiti, Te Puke, Taumaranui, Te Awamutu

3. What does Korero mai mean in Maori?
speak to me

4. How would you say good morning in Japanese?
Ohayo Gozaimasu

5. How far away is New Zealand to Australia?
    a. 600 kilometres
    b. 900 kilometres
    c. 1000 kilometres
    d. 2000 kilometres

6. Which one of these movies was not filmed in New Zealand?
     a. The last Samurai
     b. Whale Rider
     c. Jackie Brown
     d. Once were Warriors

7. What word can go before shine, day and flower?

8. What are the Kiwiana icons in these towns?
     a. Otorohanga - Kiwi
     b. Paeroa - L&P
     c. Ohakune - carrot
     d. Taupo - Trout

9. What is the total distance from Auroa to Startford to New Plymouth and back again?

10. How many triangles make up the bunting in our classroom in Maori?

130 = kotahi rau toru tekau

Well done to Caris, Regan and Hayley who had a really good attempt at most of the questions this week. Super work! Whose names will I be putting up on our blog next week?

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